New Food Industry 2021年 63巻 2月号


本藤 和彦 (HONDOU Kazuhiko),馬場 亜沙美 (BABA Asami),原 太一 (HARA Taichi),和泉 達也 (IZUMI Tatsuya) ,吉田 雄介 (YOSHIDA Yusuke)
The functionality of food products by natural fermentation of plant-derived microorganisms and microorganisms living in cypress barrels
Authors: Kazuhiko Hondou, Asami Baba, Taichi Hara, Tatsuya Izumi, Yusuke Yoshida
*Corresponding author: Kazuhiko Hondou
  Throughout human history, useful fermented foods have been developed through trial and error. With the progress in life sciences, the efficacy of fermented foods has been scientifically verified. Moreover, the utility of fermented foods in terms of health has been widely investigated, such as improving not only lifestyle-related diseases but also the quality of life, including sleep, skin condition and intestinal environment. We investigated the usefulness of fermented plant products obtained from more than 100 kinds of ingredients, such as vegetables, fruits, seaweed, mushrooms and cereals, and naturally fermented and matured by yeasts and lactic acid bacteria present in the ingredients and fermentation barrels. As a result, the usefulness of fermented plant products was comprehensively confirmed through biochemical, cellular and clinical studies, including antioxidant and antiglycation activities, regulation of an intestinal environment, hair growth, skin brightening, fat burning, immunostimulatory effects and anti-inflammatory effects. Fermentation and ripening by yeasts and lactic acid bacteria, respectively, plays an important role in the manufacturing process and are key processes to all of these functionalities. We hypothesised that the compounds derived from the ingredients and microorganisms obtained in this process exert their functions in the body as biogenic, either directly or through the improvement of intestinal microbiota, for overall health. In this review, we introduced the functionalities and appeal of fermented plant products based on the scientific knowledge and displayed its beneficial effects on health.
 人類は長い歴史の中で,試行錯誤を繰り返しながら有用な発酵食品を見出してきた。それに付随して生命科学の発展と共に,発酵食品の有効性について科学的検証が進められてきた。その有用性は幅広く,慢性疾患などの医学的疾病や生活習慣病の改善に寄与するだけでなく,睡眠や肌質の改善,整腸作用など生活の質 (QOL) の向上に効果的であることが確認されている。我々は発酵食品の中でも100種類以上の野菜・果物・海藻・キノコ類・穀物等を原料として,原料や発酵樽に存在する酵母や乳酸菌による自然発酵・熟成を経て得られる植物発酵物に着目し,その有用性を検証してきた。その有用性は抗酸化作用にはじまり,抗糖化作用,整腸作用,育毛作用,肌健全化作用,美白作用,脂肪燃焼作用,免疫賦活・抗炎症作用などが生化学・細胞・ヒト試験により総合的に確認された。いずれの作用も植物発酵物の製造工程で重要となる酵母や乳酸菌の発酵・熟成がキーポイントとなり,この工程によって得られる野菜・果物・海藻・キノコ類・穀物等の微生物由来の化合物がバイオジェニックスとして体内に直接もしくは腸内細菌叢の改善を介して全身の健康への機能性を発揮すると推測する。この総説では科学的知見をもとに植物発酵製品の機能性とその魅力を紹介していきたい。

連載 グルテンフリー食品のラベリングと規制上の問題

瀬口 正晴 (SEGUCHI Masaharu),竹内 美貴 (TAKEUCHI Miki),中村 智英子 (NAKAMURA Chieko)
 最近の研究で,最も一般的な食品不耐性の病気の一つである,セリアック病は,100人中1人が罹患していることがわかっている。セリアック病の唯一の治療法は小麦由来のグルテン,大麦,ライ麦,オート麦あるいはコムギ属品種あるいはそれらの雑種から関連タンパク質を避ける事である。セリアック病患者の食事用にオート麦の利用がグルテンフリー食の改訂基準案(Codex Committee, 2006a)に使われた。セリアック病患者に加えて,疱疹性皮膚炎を持つ人々もまた食事からグルテン含有食を除去しなければならない。さらに,最近のセリアック病に関する国際会議では,他の病気でもグルテンフリー食にポジテブな効果があるということが議題となった。IgE-仲介アレルギー反応を示す人々にも穀物ベース食品で引き起こされる反応で,安全な食事が必要となる。


Essay Live the world of COVID-19 steadily!
“Academic and social issues observed in Mexico”.

Ángel David Paulino-González
Many situations in academic and research life around the world have changed the way they are carried out, from planning to performance.In Mexico, there have been many situations exhibited on social networks in which many professors have had so hard difficulties in their technological skills, many times during the transition has been had embarrassing and painful situations. In a country with a high technological lag, its inclusion in academic activities has not been easy.Actually, employ the term "new normal" is inadequate because it is less new right now, one thing that we must consider is that the current reality implies a constant and accelerated evolution, the professor-student relationship must change paradigms and models to avoid repeat what was done in the classrooms due that education in virtual environments is not just lectures or assign a lot of tasks to students, that is something that many professors have not understood from basic and undergraduate levels, the curricular designs must be different and it is a big  challenge in which affective, effective and understandable language to young people plays an important role for good communication paths establishment.

“Education, Learning and Research Current Effects”.


Alejandro Mena Acra
 The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped at national borders. It has affected people regardless of nationality, level of education, income, or gender.  Enhanced and blended learning-strategies, as well as transdisciplinary knowledge production, have been identified as possible benefits, however there are some daily life challenges.My research, academic and teaching activities due to the COVID-19 crisis had now created behaviors of disbelief and stress followed by a conscious effort to re-activate my imagination and creativity as ways to protect my life itself. However, I am spending valuable lockdown time to rethink the purpose of my research, to question the relevance of my study focus on mind and to update my literature review.



戴 秋娟(DAI Qiujuan)
 新型コロナウィルスによる感染拡大からちょうど1年ほど経過した。中国において,厳しい隔離措置を取る対策が奏功し,感染拡大は収束しつつあるが,2020年末にかけて海外では感染拡大の第2波・第3波が到来した。この一年を振り返り,新型コロナウイルスが世界中に拡大し社会的および心理的な恐慌をもたらしたことは否定できない。コロナウィルスの感染拡大を抑制するために,中国では,「停課不停学,不停教」注1 といった政策を取り入れて,全国1700万人の教師が2.6億人の大,中,小学生を対象に幅広く,多種多様なオンライン授業を実施してきた。現時点で,全国範囲で見れば,幼稚園や小,中学校は通常通りに対面授業が再開され,大学では,受講者数に応じて授業スタイルをオンラインかオフラインかに調整されている。

野山の花 — 身近な山野草の食効・薬効 —
セリOenanthe javanica (Blume) DC.
(セリ科 Umbelliferae   APG体系: Apiaceae)

 白瀧 義明 (SHIRATAKI Yoshiaki)